Administration Manager

Kramer Tree Specialists

300 Charles Court, West Chicago IL 60185

Full Time

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The following is a list of specific duties, which are considered to be essential functions of the Administrative Manager position. The list is not exhaustive, as all positions at Kramer Tree Specialists are dynamic. This is consistent with our need to be flexible and responsive to the needs of our customers. The employee who occupies this position is expected to assume any/all duties assigned by management irrespective of whether such duties are specifically included in this list.


The main objectives of the Administration Manager position are effectively manage and oversee all company human resources, accounts payables, business line insurance and vendors and financial resource management. The Administration Manager shall accomplish these objectives by providing administrative management and support for company finance, employee payroll systems, and employee benefits. Direct reports shall include an administrative support assistant. The Administration Manager shall work closely with the President, Vice President, and Director of Operations providing management and support as needed to maintain company finance reports, profit and loss reports, and budget reports. The Administration Manager will be responsible for annual performance reviews for all direct reports.


•  Manage and monitor all company financials, including business bank accounts, investments, petty cash, credit cards, loans, mortgages, leases etc.

•  Manage and oversee accounts payables, updating related reports, ensuring timely payment and maintaining vendor relationships through effective communication

•  Prepare and distribute timely and accurate company financial reports to appropriate management personnel. i.e. month end profit & loss statements, balance sheet, YTD sales reports, etc.

•  Oversee company budget development and maintenance, participate in quarterly budget-actual reviews

•  Oversee entry and verification of weekly employee payroll to assure accurate and timely hours and pay for all staff, develop and ensure payroll submittal procedures are followed timely and accurately

•  Manage, oversee and administer accurate certified payroll needs

•  Coordinate and manage all employee benefit programs including – 401k, health/dental/vision insurance, employee time off, FMLA and other employee benefit programs

•  Oversee and support all human resource needs including employee drug screenings, personnel files, federal/state regulated employee training, medical files, employee work environment concerns, etc.

•  Administer all hiring and firing actions with employees, includes onboarding, employment status verification, etc.

•  Oversee, track and ensure equal, fair and appropriate disciplinary actions for violations of company policies

•  Research and analyze with executive team the cost effectiveness of business, health, and worker’s comp insurance providers in order to select the best value coverage for the company and its employee’s

•  Manage and oversee all business line insurance claims i.e. worker’s comp, auto, liability, etc.

•  Maintain an accurate account of company provided vehicle mileage for the purpose of accurately determining taxable income for employees with take home company vehicles

•  Procure certificates of insurance as required.

•  Conduct performance reviews for the Administrative Assistant

•  Oversee and administer all client and subcontractor contract agreements and documents, i.e. bid & performance bonds

•  Develop and enforce Kramer Tree Specialists employee manual, corporate policies and procedures

•  Preparation of payroll reports as requested for review, monitor daily time sheet entry into payroll processing and job detail reports


• Financial management, including accounts payables, and an understanding of basic financial and business tax principles

• Basic accounting and budget development principles

• Employment rules and regulations, i.e. labor laws, workers comp, pay codes, etc.

• Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS) and payroll software systems

• Excellent verbal and written communication skills; excellent organizational skills, task management, accuracy and attention to detail.

• Ability to prioritize multiple tasks

• Ability to sit or stand in an open office environment for extended periods of time, working on a computer and respectfully interacting with staff

• MS Office, Quickbooks and financial management applications

• Ability to lift 20 lbs. as needed


• Minimum 3 years office or administrative management experience

• MS Office, Quickbooks, payroll software and CRM databases

• General accounting background and exposure to an accounting software package.

• Associates or higher degrees in Business Administration. (preferred)

• SHRM/HRCI or related credential (preferred)


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