Tree Care is a Year Round Effort – Fall Tree Care

Fall - Kramer Tree Specialists

As we begin the school year and football season, it isn’t uncommon for our trees to take a back seat as the growing season tends to be the most active time of the year for tree care. Yet, the Fall and Winter months are just as important as the growing season to care for your […]

Our Urban Forest is More than Trees – Michigan Lilies

Michigan Lily

Michigan Lilies: A Hidden Gem in Illinois Exploring the beauty of nature is a past time for many.  Extensive travel is not necessary to fall upon spectacular sights.  So much of nature’s beauty can be found along the local recreational paths offered throughout our counties and forest preserves.  There is nothing better than stumbling upon […]

Tree Support Systems – Dynamic vs. Static Cabling Systems

Cobra Cabling - Kramer Tree Specialists

As certified arborists, we have the privilege of working closely with trees and witnessing their incredible beauty and resilience.  We are dedicated to the health and longevity of trees.  In some instances, we identify trees that require additional support to ensure their stability, longevity, and safety.  In such cases, installing canopy support systems becomes vital. […]

How To Reduce The Risk of Storm Damage to Your Trees

Kramer Tree Specialists - Tree

Proactive Services to prepare your trees for Storms: Living in the Midwest, we are no strangers to strong storms throughout the year.  These storms can seemingly pop up out of nowhere with torrential rains and damaging winds.  It is quite common to have significant tree damage after these storms blow though an area.  A single […]

Watering Bags – Easy Way To Water Your Tree

With the drought conditions that we have been experiencing, this spring and now into summer, everybody is looking for some kind of relief for their lawns and gardens. Driving down the street you will see most yards have gone dormant without any rain. In this vast landscape of brown yards, you will see some yards […]

Tree of the Week – Norway Spruce

Norway Spruce - Kramer Tree Specialists

Picea abies, common name, Norway Spruce, is a beautiful confier that is native to Europe. Norway Spruce is commonly found throughout the United States.  This tree is an evergreen with a pyramidal shape that tolerates a variety of different soil types.  It’s dark green needles and drooping branches make it a beautiful addition to your […]

Root Collar Excavation

Root Collar Excavation (RCE) is the process of excavating soil from around the trunk of a tree to inspect the root collar. This process is done to help expose the root flare, amend any compacted soil issues and inspect the root zone for overall root health and any potential girdling root concerns. Girdling roots are […]

Right Tree Right Place


Planting a tree is one of the best, low-cost investments property owners can do for themselves and for the community.  Trees clean air, prevent erosion, manage stormwater, cool landscapes, provides beauty, and increases property values, to name a few.  These benefits are only enjoyed when the right tree is planted in the right place.  Proper […]

Competitive Tree Climbing

Tree Climbing Champions

Competitive tree climbing has helped mold our industry over many years, actually decades. It all started in the late 70’s and was molded after what was called the Lineman Rodeo. That event was put on by utility companies and the competition was an aerial rescue on a utility pole. Line clearance tree trimers got wind […]

Leaves A Critical Component of Our Urban Forest

Kramer Tree Mulch Products - Leaf Mulch

The natural process of seasonal leaf fall is a critical component to the ecological cycle in our urban forests. The trees go dormant in the colder season and conserve energy, resulting in this process called senescence. Leaves are a critical building block for many other areas of the ecosystem while providing essential benefits. Those benefits […]

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