Kramer Tree Specialists CDL Training Assistance

Mulch Products

Having a CDL as an arborist is critical to growing your career and earning potential in the arboriculture industry. Many of the vehicles used in commercial arboriculture require a CDL, some of which are Class A or B. We require our staff to earn their CDL Class A with air brakes endorsement. This then allows […]

Safe Practices Handling Storm Damaged Trees

Storm Damaged Trees

Summertime is here in the Midwest which means thunderstorms and the potential for severe weather.  Severe weather and trees are a bad combination, in many cases resulting in damage to the tree as well as surrounding structures or other targets.  Summer can be of heightened risk as our deciduous trees have all their leaves, which […]

Properly Watering Your Trees

Tree Planting - Properly Watering Your Trees

All living things need water to survive, from bacteria to giant Sequoias. All organisms, plants, and animals use water: salty or fresh, hot or cold, massive amounts of water, or almost no water at all. Without water, life would not exist. This year’s spring season has offered little rainfall to mention. Chicago and surrounding suburbs […]

Limb Walk Talk

Kramer Tree Specialists and our Evolution of Rigging Practices

Kramer Tree Specialists and our Evolution of Rigging Practices Kramer Tree Specialists has been performing arboriculture services in the Chicagoland area for more than 45 years. Over that time, we have continually evolved and advanced in our skills, techniques, and work practices. The constant evolution of technology, work practices, and training in the industry continually […]

Urban and Native Environments

It’s fun to walk outside and see the contrast between our urban built environment alongside the natural environment. If you are looking for it, it doesn’t take too long to notice it. Certainly, in more urban areas it can be more difficult to come across, but as more focus is put on the benefit of […]

Saluting Branches

cropped Saluting Branches 2019 1 1

Coming together as one for a common cause is a powerful action that can make a major difference.  We are proud to support a cause of this nature each year with the Saluting Branches program.  Saluting Branches is a non-profit organization that was originally started by our friends at Rainbow Treecare and has been in […]

Tree Work Ahead – Tips to Keep Everyone Safe

Tree Work Ahead

We have all saw it before, “Workers Ahead” signs.  The dreaded orange cone season when it comes to road work or the blocked off sidewalk due to some sort of utility repair or construction.  Tree work does this as well and you would be amazed how often the general public disregards these warning signs and […]

Come Learn About Careers at Kramer Tree

Kramer Tree Specialists - Careers

On June 15th we will be hosting our inaugural career day at Kramer Tree Specialists.  This will be a great opportunity for not only those interested in a career at Kramer Tree Specialists but a career in arboriculture in general.  A great opportunity for both recent graduates just starting their careers as well as current […]

Wide World of Arboriculture

World Wide of Arborculture

In many social circles, the term arboriculture is often unknown. In my experience, I am lucky if half the people in an average conversation even know what the term means.  The ones that are familiar with the term may recognize that it has to do with tree trimming and removals. Up until recently, Microsoft didn’t […]

New Year’s Resolutions for Your Trees!

Today is the final day of 2018 and many resolutions are being made for the upcoming new year. Maintaining good health and wellness are always great, but don’t forget about the trees in your landscape and our communities as well! Here are 5 great resolutions to make going into 2019 for the trees in your […]