Fungus Fun Facts – Jack O’Lantern Mushroom

Mushroom Jack O Lantern

Omphalotus illudens, commonly called “Jack O’Lantern mushroom”. Fun Facts: Gets its name because of its bright pumpkin orange color and its occurrence around the time of Halloween. A common fall mushroom found east of the Rockies, frequently found in urban settings sprouting from dead trees.  Pictured here is a Red oak that died over the […]

Fungus Fun Facts – Giant Puffball

Calvatia Gigantea

Fun facts:            On record, the largest specimen measured 5ft in size and weighed 50lbs!  More often than not, they get to be between the size of a volleyball and a soccer ball. With a light rainfall in autumn, one mushroom will develop in just hours overnight. This fungus is often found in meadows, fields, golf […]

Urban and Native Environments

It’s fun to walk outside and see the contrast between our urban built environment alongside the natural environment. If you are looking for it, it doesn’t take too long to notice it. Certainly, in more urban areas it can be more difficult to come across, but as more focus is put on the benefit of […]

Tip of the Week – Soil Compaction and Its Impact on Trees

cropped Soil Impaction with Frame

One of the most difficult and common challenges in our urban environment for trees is soil compaction.  Many areas have hardly any topsoil at all due to years of development and this in addition to foot traffic and vehicular traffic compound the problem. Soil compaction reduces water infiltration into the soil, reduces the area for […]

Fall Mulch Season – Gain the Benefits of Leaf Mulch

cropped leaf Mulch 2 1

It’s amazing we are already nearing the end of the summer, but the wonderful autumn season is soon to arrive!  The weather is still going to be great for a few more months and there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy our landscapes and prep our landscapes for the coming winter season. Temperatures have been […]

Dyed Mulch Products – Are they safe and why do people like them?

Kramer Tree Mulch Products - Brown Dye Mulch

We often get questions from our clients about what it is that we use for our dyed mulch products and if it is safe or not for their pets, family, and plants.  The colorants that we utilize are from Amerimulch, owner of the Heartland Enriched Colorants brand.  All of the colorants that they produce are […]

New Year’s Resolutions for Your Trees!

Today is the final day of 2018 and many resolutions are being made for the upcoming new year. Maintaining good health and wellness are always great, but don’t forget about the trees in your landscape and our communities as well! Here are 5 great resolutions to make going into 2019 for the trees in your […]

Why is my tree’s leaves changing color before the Fall?

The vibrant sea of reds, yellows and oranges in the Fall season is one of the best nature scenes of the year.  The beautiful colors are a major draw for color touring tourists throughout the Midwest and Northeast parts of our country as well as many other areas.  The timing of this typically ranges from […]

Building a new deck? Don’t forget about your trees

Root Pruner

Summer is the time of year that we get the chance to do that outdoor construction project we’ve been dreaming of.  Adding that new deck onto the house or redesigning an existing outdoor area.  Most often these projects involve digging into the ground and being constructed around our existing trees in our landscape.   This type […]

Tree of the Week – Making a Comeback!


Cercis canadensis, commonly known as Eastern Redbud, is naturally found growing in the eastern region of United States growing in well-drained, organic-rich, moist soil types. This tree naturally grows as an understory tree in it’s native forest setting.  It is also very common to see this specimen throughout Chicagoland area landscapes, or simply the midwestern […]