Urban Trees & Drought – How To Water Your Trees & When

KTS Rain Gauge

Watering your trees is essential for their health and survival. All trees will vary on volume and frequency of watering, but in the end they all need water. In the urban forest, different challenges are incurred regarding water access for trees compared to the natural forest setting. We’ll talk about what influences a tree’s need […]

Fall Mulch Application – Benefits of Natural Wood and Leaf Mulch

Kramer Tree Specialists Mulch Products - Red Dye Mulch

Mulch is a cyclic treatment for our urban trees and landscapes. It breaks down naturally over time providing biological benefits and recycling back into our urban forest. Prior to breaking down it also provides aesthetic benefits for the beauty of our urban landscapes. Applying mulch is often associated with the spring season, but fall is […]

Why is my tree changing color early this year?

Autumn Blaze Maple - Parkway tree

Is your tree starting to change it’s leaf color already?. Is that a sign of a short summer and an early winter season? Not at all, trees will at times change color early if they are dealing with some sort of environmental or physiological stress. One of our arborists recently came across this Autumn Blaze […]

Plant Health Care – Japanese Beetle

Japanese Beetle is an exotic pest that has been a part of our urban forest for many years. They were first discovered in New Jersey in 19161. They are established and prevalent throughout the United States and feed on numerous types of trees and plants. Lindens are highly preferred, but many other trees are impacted […]

Foliar Disease & Fungal Issues on Your Trees

It has been quite the beginning to the Spring season and now it’s heating up as we head towards summer. The heavy rains in the month of April and May have created ideal growing conditions for a number of fungal diseases that we are seeing in our urban forest. Many of these diseases are aesthetic […]

How to Enhance Your Home Office

Work from home

As we all do our part to help slow the spread of COVID-19, many of us are doing so by working out of our home offices. For some, this may be the first time and for others, it may be simply a little more than usual.  Either way, it’s a different environment than the traditional […]

Insects & Diseases of Our Urban Forest – We Have You Covered

Our urban forest can be a challenging environment for the trees within it.  Urban environments can create many stresses for our trees compared to their natural settings.  It is our responsibility to care for those trees so we can all be awarded the benefits they provide to our health, communities, and local wildlife and ecology. […]

The Value of Dedicated Tree Maintenance to Our Urban Forests

Plants and especially trees have many benefits not only to our health and communities, but also a significant benefit to our environment.  Just like our own optimum health, to achieve these benefits a combination of best practices must be followed. Understanding what these best practices are and putting a plan together to achieve them is […]

Winter Season Tree Work – Keep Your Trees Looking Great

Dormant Season

The winter season brings dormant landscapes, shorter days, and the fluffy white stuff for us here in the Midwest.  The deciduous trees drop their leaves and are all too often forgotten about until life returns in the Spring.  What most don’t realize is that there is plenty of tree work to be done during the […]

Fun-gi Friday – Turkey Tails

Turkey Tails -Trametes Versicolor

One of the most common mushrooms in North America found virtually anywhere there are dead hardwood logs and stumps to decompose is the Trametes Versicolor fungus, commonly called Turkey Tails.  The sporocarp, or fruiting bodies of the mushroom, are thin paper-like fungus having a surface that is finely fuzzy or velvety.  The cap is distinctly banded with […]