Our Urban Forest is More than Trees – Michigan Lilies

Michigan Lily

Michigan Lilies: A Hidden Gem in Illinois Exploring the beauty of nature is a past time for many.  Extensive travel is not necessary to fall upon spectacular sights.  So much of nature’s beauty can be found along the local recreational paths offered throughout our counties and forest preserves.  There is nothing better than stumbling upon […]

Tree of the Week – Norway Spruce

Norway Spruce - Kramer Tree Specialists

Picea abies, common name, Norway Spruce, is a beautiful confier that is native to Europe. Norway Spruce is commonly found throughout the United States.  This tree is an evergreen with a pyramidal shape that tolerates a variety of different soil types.  It’s dark green needles and drooping branches make it a beautiful addition to your […]

Knots To Know For Arborists

Figure 2 Sheet Bend

I have been in the arboriculture industry for over 30 years and the industry has certainly evolved and changed over that time. The education on proper pruning techniques has improved and we now have many more tools available to get the work done. When I started working in the field the primary tools that we […]

Safe Practices Handling Storm Damaged Trees

Storm Damaged Trees

Summertime is here in the Midwest which means thunderstorms and the potential for severe weather.  Severe weather and trees are a bad combination, in many cases resulting in damage to the tree as well as surrounding structures or other targets.  Summer can be of heightened risk as our deciduous trees have all their leaves, which […]

Preparing Your Tree for Effective Systemic Plant Health Care Treatments

Macro Trunk Injection DED - Plant Health Care Treatments

Systemic plant health care treatments are highly effective at protecting our trees from various insects or diseases. Systemic refers to a treatment that is taken up by a tree and translocated throughout its entire vascular system. The healthier the tree, the better the treatment will be distributed throughout the tree. In addition to the health […]

Limb Walk Talk

Kramer Tree Specialists and our Evolution of Rigging Practices

Kramer Tree Specialists and our Evolution of Rigging Practices Kramer Tree Specialists has been performing arboriculture services in the Chicagoland area for more than 45 years. Over that time, we have continually evolved and advanced in our skills, techniques, and work practices. The constant evolution of technology, work practices, and training in the industry continually […]

Kramer Tree Specialists COVID-19 Response Update

KTS Homepage Logo

Kramer Tree Specialists considers the health and safety of our employees and their families our highest priority, along with the safety of our clients and communities that we work within.  Our response to COVID-19 layout how we plan to navigate this crisis and achieve our goal of safety for our staff, clients, and communities. As […]

Kramer Tree Specialists COVID-19 Response

KTS Homepage Logo

During this current situation with COVID-19, Kramer Tree Specialists prioritizes the health and safety of our staff, clients, and local communities.  We understand the uncertainty of this situation and would like to inform our clients of the steps and guidelines that we are following to help mitigate the spread of this virus. All Kramer Tree […]

Insects & Diseases of Our Urban Forest – We Have You Covered

Our urban forest can be a challenging environment for the trees within it.  Urban environments can create many stresses for our trees compared to their natural settings.  It is our responsibility to care for those trees so we can all be awarded the benefits they provide to our health, communities, and local wildlife and ecology. […]

Tip of the Week – Soil Compaction and Its Impact on Trees

One of the most difficult and common challenges in our urban environment for trees is soil compaction.  Many areas have hardly any topsoil at all due to years of development and this in addition to foot traffic and vehicular traffic compound the problem. Soil compaction reduces water infiltration into the soil, reduces the area for […]

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