Kramer Tree Specialists’ mulch yard accepts the unloading of woody plant material derived from our urban forest and will be utilized to produce our various mulch products.

Acceptable items include:

  • “Brush” – any woody tree material (>12” in diameter)
  • Logs – any tree part <12” in diameter
  • Clean wood chips, no garbage or woody materials

Developers, contractors, logging companies, government agencies, and other businesses which need help handling larger amounts of wood waste will value the convenience of our Mobile Grinding Service.

  • We come to you
  • We will travel to your site where we will safely process your wood waste, grinding and sizing it to make it ready for a specific use.
  • After processing, your wood waste can typically be reused in an environmentally beneficial application, such as soil amendment, mulch or to cover a trail or pathway.

Similar to brush collection, this late season service is available to municipal accounts.

Homeowners are instructed to place leaves about 8’ from curb and our crews will handle loading, collection and removal.

Individual residential curbside leaf collection services.

This is a great service to help dispose of your tree debris and keep your yard neat and organized.  Our loader trucks come to your yard and haul away all your woody debris.  This includes branches, logs, and wood chips.  No landscape waste or non-organic materials will be accepted.  

Kramer Tree Specialists

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