Todd Kramer (Far Left) - 2011 IAA Demonstration Tree Seminar


For the past 9 years, our Director of Field Operations, Todd Kramer, has conducted the hands-on Demonstration Tree training at the Illinois Arborist Association Annual Conference and Trade Show.  This year was the 29th year for the conference and was again a great success.  Todd provides live demonstration training on a rigging techniques, climbing systems, chainsaw maintenance, and pruning techniques.  Along with Todd conducting this training are Mark Chisholm (3-time World Champion of the International Tree Climbing Competition), Norm Hall, and Don Roppolo from The Care of Trees.

Look for more updates regarding Todd’s training and presentations next week, Todd will be a speaker at the TCI Expo in Hartford, Connecticut.  He will have three presentations, the first on Friday November, 4 at 8 am “Understanding Rigging Forces”, another on Friday at 3 pm “Crane Safety:  A Rigger’s Perspective”, and finally a presentation on November 5 at 11 am at the Demonstration Tree, “Designing a Safe and Productive Removal”.

If you are interested in having Todd or another Kramer Tree Specialists expert present a training seminar for your organization, please contact us today at 630-293-5444 for more information.



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