KTS Recommends that the maximum depth of mulch around your trees and plants be 3″.  Be sure not to pile the mulch against the trunk of your trees or plants.

To use this calculator please enter the width and length in feet of the area you want to add mulch to. Then enter your desired depth of mulch, in inches. The approximate cubic yards required field will update automatically.

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One of our most popular mulches, our Special Blend Mulch is a high quality finely shredded mulch with a natural dark brown color. Will provide both aesthetic and biological benefits to your landscape.

We’ve taken one of our most popular mulches, Special Blend, and enhanced it with color! It has less dye added than our other dyed mulches, but just enough to prolong the deep dark color throughout the season.

With double the colorant and no added leaf matter, our Brown mulch is equally beneficial as Enhanced, but breaks down more slowly and is highly resistant to UV fading from exposure to the sun, holding a rich color for the entire season.

Strictly comprised of logs, our Red mulch will enhance your landscape with the robust and vibrant color all season while providing all the benefits of mulch to your trees, shrubs, and plant material.

A great mulch to use to improve the quality of soil within your planting beds. Comprised simply of shredded leaves, provides many of the same benefits as regular wood mulches, including soil moisture retention, improved soil structure, and erosion reduction.


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