We take integrated pest management (IPM) approach made up of four main components. It is our goal to empower you to apply these components to achieve optimum health for your trees and the benefits they provide to you and our urban forest.

Tree Pruning

Preventative Maintenance

Routine maintenance pruning, mulching practices and watering during periods of drought will help your trees defend against the many stresses of our urban environments.

Plant Health Care Fertilization

Sustainable Treatments

Identifying the pest, understanding acceptable levels and determining responsible treatment options will lead to healthy trees and limited impact to the urban forest and environment.

PHC Collar Excavation

Mechanical Enhancements

Physical removal of girdling roots or amendments to the soil can be a major benefit for our trees. Urban soils can be significantly improved through mechanical treatments.
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Plant Health Care PHC

Monitor Inspections

Routine monitor inspections of your trees and property allow for problems to be identified early on and addressed for effective treatment.

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Preventative Maintenance – Cultural Practices

– Maintenance Pruning
Mulching Practices
– Watering Your Trees – Link to Watering handout pdf
– Organic Fertilization – Link to Organic fertilizer handout pdf

Preventative Maintenance – Cultural Practices
PHC - Mechanical Enhancement

Sustainable Applications & Treatments

Pest & Disease Control
– Plant/Pest Growth Regulators – Add to Treatment page
– Anti-transpirant – Evergreen winter protection

Mechanical Enhancements

– Root collar excavation/girdling root management
– Vertical mulching

PHC - Mechanical Enhancement
Plant Health Care - PHC Fertilization

Monitor & Inspection

– Pest & Disease Control
– Plant/Pest Growth Regulators – Add to Treatment page
– Anti-transpirant – Evergreen winter protection


Our ISA Board Certified Master Arborist oversees all of our monitor program services. These services are done on residential, commercial or industrial properties. We determine the number and timing of the inspections over the course of the year based on the trees on your property. This is an excellent preventative maintenance program helping to keep your trees in optimum health.


  • Soil Injections / Drenches
  • Trunk / Foliar Treatments
  • Soil Enhancement

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Our tree care monitoring service provides great value to our clients by ensuring their trees are checked regularly identifying tree care needs before they become major problems. Our ISA Board Certified Master Arborist oversees and conducts all inspections ensuring the best recommendations for your trees.

Our ISA Board Certified Master Arborist will schedule monitor inspections to coincide with insect and disease cycles common to the trees on the property throughout the growing season. We work with each client individually to determine the needs specific to their trees and property. Observations in tree health and condition are collected, reported in writing, and presented with recommendations.

Proactive care is the key to effective tree care management. Early detection of tree conditions allows for adequate time to successfully administer treatments and enhance the value of the trees on your property. A tree monitoring program is a vital part of an effective Plant Health Care program.


Plant damaging insects and diseases often have predictable damage cycles that are specific to the tree species and time of the year. Populations of both insects and diseases will vary in severity each year depending on environmental and cultural factors influencing their development or presence.

Our ISA Certified Arborists are trained and qualified to identify symptoms and indicators of the specific pest or disease and determine if treatment is necessary or not for the health of your trees.


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Plant/Pest Growth Regulators

Growth regulators can be used on either plants or pests. When used on plants, they help to direct resources in the tree toward targeted growth. In many cases, we utilize this treatment to control vegetative growth, such as branch elongation. This is useful for trees growing in constricted spaces or nearby structures such as a home or building. The growth is directed towards fine root growth and defense mechanisms for the tree.

Scenarios of Use –

– Trees growing in constricted root space, (i.e. parkways, islands, etc.)
– Trees growing along buildings or homes
– Trees stressed due to pests or disease (i.e. Cytospora on Blue spruce)
– Insect growth regulator (IGR) for control of pests (i.e. Magnolia scale)


We Empower You - Safe, Professional Arboriculture