How To Reduce The Risk of Storm Damage to Your Trees

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Proactive Services to prepare your trees for Storms: Living in the Midwest, we are no strangers to strong storms throughout the year.  These storms can seemingly pop up out of nowhere with torrential rains and damaging winds.  It is quite common to have significant tree damage after these storms blow though an area.  A single […]

Tree Cabling Gives a Second Chance

Broken Silver Maple

As practitioners of professional arboriculture, it is our goal to make decisions that lead to trees in our urban forest to be as healthy and safe as possible. When it comes to structural integrity of trees, we will never be able to eliminate risk or hazards completely. Yet, there are practices that we can do […]

When Lightning Strikes

Lightning striking trees can be a concern not only to the safety of homeowners, but the continued health of an otherwise healthy tree. Understanding their impact can help in mitigating and lessening the damage. While Florida and Texas are generally the most lightning prone states, with the summer months being the majority of the timeframe, […]

Safe Practices Handling Storm Damaged Trees

Storm Damaged Trees

Summertime is here in the Midwest which means thunderstorms and the potential for severe weather.  Severe weather and trees are a bad combination, in many cases resulting in damage to the tree as well as surrounding structures or other targets.  Summer can be of heightened risk as our deciduous trees have all their leaves, which […]

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