Tree Planting Spade

Planting and transplanting trees in our urban forest is often necessary for landscape enhancement or making way for new construction and preserving existing trees on site.  Our tree spades are the perfect tools for efficiently and safely completing this work with larger or established trees. Tree spade installations have a high success rate as a greater portion of the root system stays intact when the tree is dug from the ground. Thus, reducing the stress level on the tree and reducing the amount of time needed for the tree to become re-established after planting.

Planting the right tree in the right location is key to success. Our ISA Certified Arborists work with our clients and local growers to select, deliver and install the appropriate tree for the space and goals of our clients. Depending on site access and the size of the tree, one of our two types of tree spades can be utilized – 44″ Tree Spade Skidsteer Attachment or our 90″ Tree Spade Truck.

Our Production Arborists are also able to plant balled and burlapped (B & B) trees when our spades are unable to access a space. We again will carefully weigh our client’s desires with the site and location to ensure the best success for the tree.

All of our new plantings, spade or B & B, come with a one year warranty. Watering from the client during that first year is required and advisement is provided at the time of the planting. Warranty does not apply to transplanted trees.

44" Tree Spade - Attachment Mounted (Skidsteer)

  • Needs at least 6′ around the tree with no obstructions.

  • Deciduous trees up to 4″ diameter or evergreens up to 12′ tall.

90" Tree Spade - Truck

  • Needs at least 8′ around tree with no obstructions.

  • Deciduous trees up to 8″ diameter or evergreens up to 25′ tall.

  • Size of this truck is comparable to a cement truck.

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