Urban forest management and arboriculture operations will at times involve the necessary task of removing trees as they decline, become hazardous or die.  All this material through the proper treatment can be recycled and re-purposed, either as mulch for our trees or beautiful lumber for building materials.  The logs that we attain through our operations can be used for making beautiful furniture, custom hardwood flooring and even decking for our flatbed trailers.  Our urban wood program is intended to keep the life of the tree ongoing and resulting in beautiful craftsmanship that can be enjoyed for many years and add value to homes, offices and any other building project.

Our urban wood program services include custom saw milling, kiln drying, and the sale of urban wood products such as dimensional lumber, live edge slabs, custom hardwood flooring and even trailer decking materials.  Contact us today for your next wood working project and help keep the life of our urban trees on going!

Live Edge Slabs

Sourced locally from our urban forest. Excellent for your next woodworking project.

Individual Slabs

Dimensional Lumber

Sourced locally varying sizes and species. Perfect for any woodworking, furniture projects, as well as trailer decking.

Custom Projects & Other Services

Custom milling, kiln drying, and other services to help out your projects.


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