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Leaf season is back! Contact us to learn more about how our crews can assist you with our curbside leaf collection services.


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March 23rd - 3:30pm to 5:30pm

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Come learn about the benefits of natural wood + leaf mulch products + how they can benefit trees in our urban forest.

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Mulch products are an essential part of maintaining healthy trees in our urban forest. Benefits include moisture retention, soil temperature control, and organic matter decomposition for producing fertile and healthy soil. These are just a few of the many benefits a natural wood mulch can provide your trees and landscape.

We have been recycling urban wood materials into beneficial mulch products for many years now. All our mulch products are derived from our local urban forest through our tree care operations and those of other local tree care companies. All our products are naturally sourced, no construction wood wastes, and recycled for the benefit of our urban forest.

A great mulch to use to improve the quality of soil within your planting beds. Comprised simply of shredded leaves, provides many of the same benefits as regular wood mulches, including soil moisture retention, improved soil structure, and erosion reduction. Learn More…

One of our most popular mulches, our Special Blend Mulch is a high quality finely shredded mulch with a natural dark brown color. Will provide both aesthetic and biological benefits to your landscape.

We’ve taken one of our most popular mulches, Special Blend, and enhanced it with color! It has less dye added than our other dyed mulches, but just enough to prolong the deep dark color throughout the season.

Strictly comprised of logs, our Red mulch will enhance your landscape with the robust and vibrant color all season while providing all the benefits of mulch to your trees, shrubs, and plant material.

Our natural special blend mulch dyed with a darker brown than our popular brown mulch. Provides a beautiful, dark brown contrast for your landscape and trees. Highly resistant to UV fading, holding a rich color for the entire season.

Our natural special blend mulch dyed with a rich black color. Provides a beautiful, dark contrast for your landscape and trees. Highly resistant to UV fading, holding a rich color for the entire season.

With double the colorant and no added leaf matter, our Brown mulch is equally beneficial as Enhanced, but breaks down more slowly and is highly resistant to UV fading from exposure to the sun, holding a rich color for the entire season.


Brush Drop Off

Kramer Tree Specialists’ mulch yard accepts the unloading of woody plant material derived from our urban forest and will be utilized to produce our various mulch products.

Acceptable items include:

  • “Brush” – any woody tree material (>12” in diameter)
  • Logs – any tree part <12” in diameter
  • Clean wood chips, no garbage or woody materials

Mobile Grinding

Developers, contractors, logging companies, government agencies, and other businesses which need help handling larger amounts of wood waste will value the convenience of our Mobile Grinding Service.

  • We come to you
  • We will travel to your site where we will safely process your wood waste, grinding and sizing it to make it ready for a specific use.
  • After processing, your wood waste can typically be reused in an environmentally beneficial application, such as soil amendment, mulch or to cover a trail or pathway.

Brush Collection

Whether you are a homeowner, commercial or municipal client, you too can take advantage of our curbside brush collection service.

You can leave any acceptable material 8’ from the curb and our brush collection crew will take care of loading, cleanup and hauling away.

Leaf Collection

Similar to brush collection, this late season service is available to municipal accounts.

Homeowners are instructed to place leaves about 8’ from curb and our crews will handle loading, collection and removal.

Individual residential curbside leaf collection services. Learn more…

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