Not at all. When you contact our office with your request, our customer service department will be sure to get your contact information, as well as the details of your concerns on your property.

To authorize a proposal, you can either sign and mail back the proposal sent to you, fax a signed proposal or reply to the arborist’s e-mail message with your authorization of proposed services.

The services performed will be invoiced within 1-3 days after the work was completed and the invoice will be mailed to you, if no email address is on file.

Payment terms, unless otherwise noted, are due upon receipt of invoice. Please note: Service and finance charges will be added to the invoice amount if the invoice is not paid within that time frame and will continue to accumulate until paid.

Keeping productions costs in line is an on-going challenge. We have found that sending a separate stump  removal crew out is more efficient. As indicated on your proposal, we make every effort to schedule the removal of the stump within a week depending on weather and ground conditions. Please call the office if you intend on paying the invoice after the stump(s) is/are removed.

Yes. You can call our office with your credit card account information. We accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover. For your convenience, you can now pay online from our website.

We are able to e-mail invoices and proposals directly to you.

For the financial well-being of our employees and clients, Workers Compensation insurance should always be verified with current Certificates of Insurance, as well as Liability insurance.

No. Our experienced field arborists have a detailed work order for the job site and will be directed by your Certified Arborist prior to the service.

All trees form their buds for the following growing season in the summer months. These buds stay relatively green in the dormant season and dead buds will be dark brown to black in color in the winter months. Further live buds will be swollen from continuing development. Dead buds will have arrested in development and will appear smaller/stunted in size. To a trained, seasoned arborist, the difference is apparent.

Like you, our staff and the company all have financial obligations that need to be met year-round; therefore we need to work year-round. Most people do not think of tree care in the winter, therefore the discount is our way of reminding everyone it is a great time to prune, install cable bracing/through-rods or remove trees.

Another reason for the discount is that our climbers do not have to contend with heavy limbs and leaves during the winter. The climbers are able to move through the tree much faster, no matter what service we are providing, which means less time in the tree. In addition, clean-up time is reduced, due to the lack of tree leaves to rake and haul away. This means reduced job costs which we believe should be passed on to the client.


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