Leaf Mulch Sample

Provides all the same benefits as a regular wood mulch, but breaks down much quicker making nutrients and essential organic matter readily available to the soil the following growing season. Our leaf mulch is processed twice producing a finely shredded product that will provide a professional look to your landscape

Benefits of Leaf Mulch:

  • Improves soil moisture retention
  • Prevents soil splashing/erosion
  • Recycles local urban leaf fall       
  • Fine root growth protection
  • Helps soil temperature regulation
  • Prevents soil crusting/baking
  • Nutrients for your trees, plants & soil
  • Improved soil structure and organic content

Frequently Asked Questions About Leaf Mulch

What is leaf mulch?

Twice ground, finely shredded leaves.  No woody material is within our leaf mulch.  All leaves are collected from our local area and recycled into a beneficial leaf mulch.

Why should I use leaf mulch?

Leaf mulch helps maintain soil temperature, reduce fine root loss and provides essential nutrients and organic content for a healthy soil.  It is a great economical alternative to a wood mulch for the long cold winter season helping protect your trees and plants to cold winter temperatures. It is a locally sourced and natural product that will enhance the health of your trees, plants and soil. Leaf mulch also breaks down quicker than wood mulch, providing essential nutrients and organic matter as soon as the following growing season.

How is leaf mulch made? 

Through our annual curbside leaf collection services, we first collect all the leaves from our local area.  Then the leaves are processed twice through our grinder to ensure a finely shredded and aesthetically pleasing product.  We do not compost or age our leaf mulch.  All of our leaf mulch is sold within the year before the next collection of leaves arrive.

 How thick should I apply leaf mulch? Where are the best areas that I can use it?

Typically a depth of 3” is sufficient in most applications.  Leaf mulch is great to use in landscape beds, flower/vegetable gardens or around trees as a soil insulator over the winter season.   Due to the accelerated decomposition of leaf mulch compared to wood mulch, it is recommended that it is replaced on an annual basis.

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