Residential Leaf Collection Services Available!

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Residential Curbside Leaf Collection

Leaf season is back! Learn how our crews can assist you with curbside collection of your excess leaves! We offer individual leaf collection services to help you with the excess leaves in your landscape. Our leaf crews will collect only leaves piled with 8 feet of the curb. Piles cannot be against any structures such as mailboxes, decorative fences, fire hydrants, etc. All piles must be leaves only, NO woody materials, rocks, stones, pumpkins, garbage, etc.

We recycle the leaves by processing them into a wonderful leaf mulch product that is used throughout our local urban forest and landscapes.

Let us know if we can help you with your leaves as the winter soon approaches. We can collect leaves up until the first measurable snowfall or icing event. In the event of snow or ice, we will return when conditions permit to safely collect your leaves.

How Much Does It Cost?

Location of where you live will determine the flat rate cost for collection of your leaf pile.

As we gather up addresses in your area, we will then come out and collect your leaves.

All leaves must be piled within 8 feet of the roadside and have only leaves in the pile. Be certain not to pile leaves around structures such as mailboxes, landscape fences, fire hydrants, etc.

Leaf Collection - Kramer Tree Specialists

How Does It Work?

Through the month of November our leaf collection crews work on contractually obligated leaf collection services. Around the beginning of December, those collections are completed and our crews become available to service other clients throughout the Chicago suburbs area. We gather the requests for this service and then geographically complete the service. Any measurable snow or ice event will suspend our leaf collection services, but as soon as the snow and ice melts and weather conditions permit, we will come out and pick up your leaves.

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Items to be aware of for this service:

• Flat pricing for leaf pickup will depend on the zone you reside

• Only leaves are to be in the pile – no woody materials, grasses, plants, etc.

• All leaves are to be in within 8’ of the curb

• Do not pile leaves around structures (i.e. mailboxes, fire hydrants, fences, etc.)

• Leaf pickup services will begin early December, weather permitting

• Leaves will not be able to picked up with snow present, ice, etc.

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