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The following is a list of specific duties, which are considered to be essential functions of the Mulch Division Leaf Collection Labor position.  The list is not exhaustive as all positions at Kramer Tree Specialists are dynamic.  This is consistent with our need to be flexible and responsive to the needs of our customers.  The employee who occupies this position is expected to assume any/all duties assigned by management irrespective of whether such duties are specifically included in this list.

Seasonal Position Only

Position begins at the beginning of our leaf collection services and terminates upon completion of these services. Typical date range of this position is end of October through early December, range will vary slightly year to year due to weather and client requirements


The main objectives of the Seasonal Leaf Collection Laborers will be to walk along the leaf collection machines and assist our curbside leaf collection services by raking the leaves along the curb to a safe location for collection. Primary objective is to pile leaves to avoid any leaf collection interference with objects such as mail boxes, decorative fences, etc. as well as ensure no non-leaf materials are collected.  Leaf Collection Laborers are expected to exhibit professionalism by exercising caution and following all safety rules and regulations. Laborers with the skills and training to operate leaf collection machines, may be asked to do so on an as needed basis


  • Report to work on time and be prepared and ready to work at scheduled start time.
  • Walk along a city parkway while raking leaves and taking direction from foreman for efficient curbside leaf collection.
  • Maintain a consistent and deliberate awareness of your surroundings, paying specific attention to leaf vacuum and vehicle operations.
  • Communicate any hazards or potential hazards to the machine Operators, drivers, and other ground personnel.
  • Ability to communicate effectively with other collection drivers, transfer drivers and the leaf collection manager to facilitate efficiency in the leaf collection operations.
  • Report any damage to your crew foreman.
  • Willingness to work in all types of weather conditions, including rain or snow conditions.
  • Assure that the equipment that you operate is kept clean and safe to operate.
  • Maintain a professional appearance of yourself and equipment at all times.
  • Comply with all Kramer Tree policies and guidelines
  • Treat clients, general public and staff members with respect.
  • Actively participate in the implementation, and compliance of safety related programs.


  • Physically able to perform raking leaves for 8 hours a day.
  • Ability to identify problems and work in conjunction with others to implement effective solutions.
  • Ability to walk or stand for extended periods of time while raking as necessary, throughout the work day
  • Excellent communication skills with staff and clients. Bi-Lingual Preferred, but not required.
  • Team player who works effectively in a team environment, focused on safety, production and quality of work



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