PHC on the Lookout – Apple Scab Treatments Soon… Call Today to get on the Schedule!

While we are still experiencing cool day and night temperatures, Crabapple trees are slowly beginning to show leaf bud break, which is necessary to start Apple Scab Fungus spray applications. The Plant Health Care Department at Kramer Tree Specialists is carefully monitoring Crabapple trees in our area to determine the best time to start the […]

PHC on the Lookout – Apple Scab Fungus

The first symptoms of Apple Scab Fungus are small, irregular-sized light-brown to olive-green spots on the underside of leaves. As the fungus progresses, the lesions become larger, more round and a velvety olive-green or black color. The infected leaves begin to curl and appear scorched on the edges. The upper side of the infected leaves […]