Competitive Tree Climbing

Tree Climbing Champions

Competitive tree climbing has helped mold our industry over many years, actually decades. It all started in the late 70’s and was molded after what was called the Lineman Rodeo. That event was put on by utility companies and the competition was an aerial rescue on a utility pole. Line clearance tree trimers got wind […]

Hydration For Safety and Peak Performance

Larch - Hydration

It has been an extremely dry spring in our area along with hot temperatures, which appears to be continuing into the summer season. This is great news for beach seekers and water park enthusiasts, but these types of conditions prevent challenges for our trees as well as for anyone who works outside. Hydration is critical […]

Limb Walk Talk

Kramer Tree Specialists and our Evolution of Rigging Practices

Kramer Tree Specialists and our Evolution of Rigging Practices Kramer Tree Specialists has been performing arboriculture services in the Chicagoland area for more than 45 years. Over that time, we have continually evolved and advanced in our skills, techniques, and work practices. The constant evolution of technology, work practices, and training in the industry continually […]

Winter Tree Care & Why Hire a Certified Arborist?

In a recent issue of Landscape Management e-magazine, a Certified Arborist shares great tips on winter tree care. He discusses the benefits that trees and clients can assume: Prevention or risk reduction of damage to trees and home before a winter storm, early detection of structural issues and homeowner’s savings! To read more on this […]

The Journey to Sydney

  Our very own, Todd Kramer, Director of Field Operations and seven-time Illinois Arborist Association Tree Climbing Champion, came away with his 8th state Championship title this past May in Wood Dale.  In addition, two other competitors from Kramer Tree Specialists, Jason Diehl and Rob Kraker, finished in the top five, 2nd and 5th places […]

Kramer Tree Specialists

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