Celebrate OAKtober!

White Oak

The mighty oak tree is featured during the month of October, which in 2015, was proclaimed as Oak Awareness Month in Illinois. The focus on oak trees comes as a result of their decline in the state of Illinois. At one point in history, oak trees comprised 60% of the tree canopy in the Chicago […]

Tip of the Week – Remove Dead Ash tree, Before it’s too Late!

The ash tree on your property provided years of enjoyment, shade, and beauty, but unfortunately, it has become infested with emerald ash borer and it’s past the time for effective treatment. The ash tree continues to decline until it’s completely dead. Removing the tree is the next step. For many homeowners living in villages around […]

PHC on the Lookout – Maple Tar Spot

Just as the name indicates, this plant fungus disease appears as black spots on the leaves. It’s as if someone flung paint or tar all over the tree leaves. Occasionally, the tree also develops lesions, or wounds on the leaves that appear more yellow or rust colored. Several varieties of Maple trees are affected, but […]

Tree of the Week – Hackberry (Celtis occidentalis)

The Hackberry is a large tree, similar to the Elm and grows 50 to 60 feet tall. Because of its’ vase-shape and rounded crown, the Hackberry makes an excellent ornamental tree for both street and landscape use. It’s often used as a shade tree in urban environments due to its size and stress tolerance. The […]