Tree of the Week – Nordmann Fir

  The Nordman Fir is a beautiful tree and the most popular Christmas tree in it’s native Europe, for good reason. It has stunning foliage, a beautiful shape, and excellent needle retention. The soft, bushy scented branches have needles that give off a citrus smell when crushed. Nordmann Fir just so happens to grow well […]

Tree of The Week – Japanese Tree Lilac

JAPANESE TREE LILAC (Syringa reticulata) Although a Lilac, this member of the species is quite different in appearance from those with which gardeners are more familiar. Its’ upright habit varies from symmetrical to irregular. Cultivars including ‘Ivory Silk’ and ‘Spring Snow’, will present a consistent habit with more flowers than plants of the straight species. […]

Tree of the Week – Cucumber Magnolia

  The Cucumber Magnolia is a primitive plant that has been around since the time of the dinosaurs. Fossils back up the theory that Magnolias have been on the Earth for at least 100 million years. This Magnolia is one of the hardiest of the group, being native to the USA and thriving in USDA […]

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