How does KTS keep balance? When we were developing a program, we knew the program needed to be simple to understand, visual and directly applied to every single team member. We developed and implemented the Performance Triangle. Safety is the foundation of the triangle and like any triangle, no side is more important than the other. Together we strive to provide our clients with quality products and services, in addition to having a high standard of productivity. If any one of these sides is not balanced, we will not be successful.

At the end of each year, most organizations reflect on what went well and what needs improvement. New goals are set by upper management for each department. The department manager then communicates the goals to their staff in order to set new team and individual goals.

In December, we host annual holiday breakfast (one of the few times the entire company gets together) to have fun and reflect on the past year, as well as welcoming the new season. After breakfast, I had the opportunity to speak to almost all of our department managers and their staff. When situations arise where one department negatively affects another, as Training & Performance Manager, I am often involved in the discussions. The realization that I shared with the group is that the reason for “breakdowns” within our company is lack of communication. Most of the issues would have been prevented or resolved if we simply communicated better and shared more information. Interestingly enough, everyone agreed. At the end of the discussion, our KTS team established that we could better balance our Performance Triangle if we simply communicate more effectively. As quoted by Nitin Nohria, “Communication is the real work of leadership”.


Todd Kramer

Training & Performance Manager
ISA Certified Arborist IL-1189AT, CTSP #039

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