Kramer Tree Specialists field crew
Kramer Tree Specialists field crew

There is risk in everything we do from getting out of bed to driving to work. I have noticed we all look at risk in different ways and try to balance that risk in our own way. Here at Kramer Tree Specialists we deal with many different forms of risk. Our Arborist Associates have to balance risk with their clients. “Is this tree too big, is it too close to the house, etc.” The Arborist needs to be accountable for the risk of the tree work sold, to ensure our scheduling department sends the correct crew and equipment needed to safely complete the task. If an Arborist is unsure about the safest way to complete the task they can have the production manager or myself go look at the work to come up with a plan, which happens quite often. Risk can be a tricky thing to manage. For example, while I consider rock climbing (one of my favorite hobbies) low risk, others would consider that high risk. What I might consider a high risk tree removal others may believe it’s a low or medium risk removal.

Over the years we have developed a culture of risk assessment accountability. It starts with the Arborist Associate and ends with the field staff doing the work. It is the field staff that is ultimately responsible for their own safety and they need to put a final risk assessment on their task. Our culture here at Kramer Tree Specialists allows the field staff to make the final decision about safely completing the task, keeping in mind the staff and equipment on hand at the time. If they feel they can’t safely complete the task, the field staff calls their manager for assistance. Often we will not complete the work that day but return with the proper staff and equipment needed to safely complete the task. Building a work culture where the field crews are not pressured into doing a job they are not comfortable with makes us all confident that they are working safely day in and day out. Balancing risk is something everyone needs to do every day and I am proud of the safety culture we have built here at Kramer Tree Specialists. Now let’s be careful!



Todd Kramer
Training & Performance Manager
ISA Certified Arborist IL-1189AT, CTSP #039

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