Arborist News, a bi-monthly magazine published by the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA), features an article written by Tim Ayers, Kramer Tree Specialists Director of Safety & Human Performance. Arborist News magazine is available to members of ISA and has an average circulation of 21,000 per issue. Non-members have access to Arborist News issues that are at least a year old. The article titled “Changing Safety Culture”, discusses the importance of safety in keeping a business efficient and profitable. The article describes methods for accomplishing these safety changes and the value of making them in the workplace.

Tim Ayers oversees the Safety & Human Performance Program at Kramer Tree Specialists. The goal of Tim Ayers and KTS is to create a balance in the Performance Triangle: Safety, Quality and Productivity. Attaining this balance is the goal in all work done by Kramer Tree Specialists. Click here for more information on Tim Ayers and KTS safety programs.

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