Amazingly enough, it is the time of year we begin to send out our holiday lighting proposals and some of our larger installations have already begun!  It has been a pleasure over the past ten years now working with our clients and helping to bring some holiday cheer.  We have come a long way since our first installations and we are always on the lookout for new products and design ideas to empower the visions of our clients!

Holiday lighting is a great addition to any property and can make a huge difference in the ambiance of your property and the attitude of those that visit it.  We are lucky to have had the opportunity over the years to work on residential, commercial and municipal projects.  There are numerous design options to choose from, such as conventional wrapping, limb wrapping as well as light links to accentuate your roof line.  No matter how big or how small you want to go, there is definitely a design option for your property.

To help conserve energy and enhance the visual experience, we typically utilize LED lights.  The equipment lasts much longer and is much more efficient when it comes to energy consumption.  Because of less energy consumption, many more lights can be put on a tree or structure.  LED’s have been a big reason why we have had great success doing what we call “limb wrapping”.  This is an excellent design technique that really exemplifies the form and structure of a tree.

So, as the leaves begin to turn and the season begins to change, we are excited to keep everyone’s spirits lifted with some holiday lighting!  If you would like to learn more about our holiday lighting services and design options, be sure to contact your ISA Certified Arborist or our office, and we would be delighted to get you started!



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