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TAILS Humane Society Holiday Lights 2012

 Tis the Season for lending a hand and filling the world with holiday cheer! For the last four years, Kramer Tree Specialists have donated a Holiday Lighting Design to the Anderson Animal Shelter in South Elgin. The Holiday Lighting Design is an auction item in the Shelter’s annual dinner and auction event, this year it was held on November 3rd. The highest bidder for this year’s Holiday Lighting Design was Beth Mars, Director of Operations and Development at Petco. Rather than keeping the prize for herself, Beth Mars generously donated the Holiday Lighting Design to TAILS Humane Society in Dekalb. Ms. Mars declares, “That was the brightest gift I’ve ever donated!”

Kramer Tree Specialists’ in-house design team professionally decorated TAILS for the holiday season. Bright lights adorn surrounding trees and shrubs, cheerfully beckoning visitors and potential animal adopters. Beth Drake, Executive Director at TAILS Humane Society, stated they’ve received many positive comments on the lights from board members, volunteers, staff and adopters. A financial gift for Anderson Animal Shelter turned into beautiful lights for TAILS Humane Society, due to the generosity of many. The true spirit of the holidays shines through!

Click here, for more information on the Holiday Lighting Services KTS offers. Also, check out our Facebook page for more pictures of our Holiday Lighting Designs, that can be found throughout the Chicago area.

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