Fall Mulch Application – Benefits of Natural Wood and Leaf Mulch

Kramer Tree Specialists Mulch Products - Red Dye Mulch

Mulch is a cyclic treatment for our urban trees and landscapes. It breaks down naturally over time providing biological benefits and recycling back into our urban forest. Prior to breaking down it also provides aesthetic benefits for the beauty of our urban landscapes. Applying mulch is often associated with the spring season, but fall is […]

Why Should I Use Mulch? – Mulch Benefits to Your Trees and Landscape

Kramer Tree Mulch Products - Brown Dye Mulch

The trees in our urban environment are stressed due to a variety of reasons, one of which including mowed and meticulously manicured lawns resulting in a lack of natural organic matter cycling through the soil. This lack of organic matter depletes the structure and nutrient availability of the soil. To combat this and improve the […]


Leaf Litter

Who didn’t enjoy jumping into a giant pile of leaves as a kid?  Or, enjoy watching your own kids have that happy moment!  The Fall is a wonderful season of football, apple cider, cooler temperatures, and an opportunity to get outside and enjoy a long hike before the cold weather of winter sets in. With […]

Tip of the Week – Soil Compaction and Its Impact on Trees

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One of the most difficult and common challenges in our urban environment for trees is soil compaction.  Many areas have hardly any topsoil at all due to years of development and this in addition to foot traffic and vehicular traffic compound the problem. Soil compaction reduces water infiltration into the soil, reduces the area for […]

Fall Mulch Season – Gain the Benefits of Leaf Mulch

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It’s amazing we are already nearing the end of the summer, but the wonderful autumn season is soon to arrive!  The weather is still going to be great for a few more months and there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy our landscapes and prep our landscapes for the coming winter season. Temperatures have been […]

Dyed Mulch Products – Are they safe and why do people like them?

Kramer Tree Mulch Products - Brown Dye Mulch

We often get questions from our clients about what it is that we use for our dyed mulch products and if it is safe or not for their pets, family, and plants.  The colorants that we utilize are from Amerimulch, owner of the Heartland Enriched Colorants brand.  All of the colorants that they produce are […]

How to Mulch your Trees and Landscape Beds

Mulch Products - Brown Mulch

Proper mulching of your trees and landscape is essential to the prolonged health and vigor of your plants.  There are a variety of mulch products out there to choose from and it is important to understand the importance of mulching your trees and how to apply the mulch itself. Trees in their natural environment grow […]

Come See Us at The Old House New House® Home Show!

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Looking for something fun and exciting to do this weekend? The Old House New House® Home Show returns this weekend to the Pheasant Run Resort in Saint Charles. The Home Show runs from February 10-12th and features over 300 exhibitors ready to show you the latest and greatest in home and garden products and services. […]

iLandscape™ Show returns for their 4th Year!

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This year’s Show is shaping up to be more exciting than ever, with even more exhibitors, featured displays and thought-provoking speakers. The 4th annual iLandscape™ Show returns to the Renaissance Schaumburg Convention Center February 1-3rd. Kramer Tree Specialists is looking forward to once again participating in the Show. Come see us in booth 1414! Join […]

Tip of the Week – TLC for your Trees

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Chicago area trees are slowly starting to wake up from their winter dormancy. Spring rains seem to bring “instant green” overnight. The beautiful spring colors also a great indicator that it’s time for landscape rejuvenation and care. Trees in urban and suburban settings benefit from special attention to keep them healthy and happy. Do your […]