Mulch is a cyclic treatment for our urban trees and landscapes. It breaks down naturally over time providing biological benefits and recycling back into our urban forest. Prior to breaking down it also provides aesthetic benefits for the beauty of our urban landscapes.

Applying mulch is often associated with the spring season, but fall is an excellent time of year to apply mulch around our trees and in our landscapes. Fall applications will refresh the aesthetic value around our trees and landscapes, but also provide necessary biological benefits for the upcoming winter season.

Mulch is an excellent provider of soil temperature control during the cold winter months and protects the roots of trees and plants from extreme temperature fluctuations. In addition to soil temperature management, mulch will also decompose over the winter and add beneficial organic matter to your soil profile. Organic matter is an essential component of a healthy soil profile providing improved soil moisture retention, beneficial microorganisms and nutrient availability. These nutrients will then be ready and available for uptake by our trees and plants when the growing season returns.

Leaf mulch is an excellent economical mulch option for the Fall season. Leaf mulch will provide all of the same benefits as a wood mulch while breaking down much quicker over the winter and providing beneficial nutrients and organic matter to the soil profile. It has an excellent dark brown color, similar to our popular wood mulch, and will provide aesthetic enhancement to the landscape as well. Our leaf mulch is all locally derived and produced on site, helping to maintain a sustainable and natural carbon cycle in our urban forest.

Kramer Tree Specialists Mulch Products - Enhanced Special Blend
Leaf Mulch
Kramer Tree Mulch Products - Red Dye Mulch
Red Dyed Wood Mulch

Learn about all our different mulch products and services that we produce and provide. Delivery services are available throughout the entire Chicagoland area. Maintain and sustain the health of your trees and landscapes with natural, locally sourced mulch products.

Need help determining how much mulch you need? Our mulch calculator will help determine exactly what you need for your trees and landscape.

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