Christmas tree farm
Christmas tree farm

There is nothing like the smell of a real Evergreen tree during the holidays. The aroma fills the home, making spirits bright. Most fresh trees used during the holidays are gathered from Christmas tree farms, where they can be cut directly by the consumer at the farm or purchased at a tree lot. Tree varieties will vary in each region of the United States. For example, what grows in South Carolina may not flourish in Illinois. This provides a uniqueness not found in artificial trees. But beyond the actual tree, what benefits does a Christmas tree farm provide?

For each tree cut down at a Christmas tree farm, the grower plants one to three new seedlings. This provides a constant replenishment of trees and fresh oxygen in the environment. In addition, Christmas tree farms stabilize the soil, protect area water supplies and provide a refuge for wildlife. All of these features are necessary in supporting the local environment. Furthermore, Christmas tree farms are a boost for many local economies by employing over 100,000 Americans all over the country. There are also intangible benefits to Christmas tree farms. Such as the sense of community and family closeness that comes with selecting a Christmas tree for your home that is enjoyed all season. In addition, you can rest assured that after the holidays are over your tree is completely biodegradable!

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