Many of our staff attended the 2012 Insect & Disease Update Seminar at the Village of Mount Prospect last week on March 15th.  The seminar was put on by the Illinois Arborist Association, Dr. Rex Bastian, Care of Trees, was conducting the seminar.

The population levels of the Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) continue to rise in the Chicago area. The pressure on those trees that aren’t infested will continue to grow into this upcoming growing season.  At this seminar and other seminars that we have attended over this past year, it is agreed upon that treatment is still advised and a viable option if the tree is healthy.  The viability and health of the tree is best assessed by a Certified Arborist.

Two methods of treatment are recommended:

A soil injection of a systemic protectant called Xytect will offer one growing season’s worth of internal protection.  This application is a viable option for trees that show relatively low crown loss and do not show significant insect impact.  The injection can take place from the time period before leaf out until early summer while the tree is readily translocating with high available soil moisture.  This application is recommended annually.

Once the high summer temperatures arrive and soil moisture is lower, a second option becomes favored.  A trunk injection of a product called Tree-Age, this treatment will protect against further larvae feeding and will protect the tree for two growing seasons before the next application would be needed.  This material will best be absorbed by the tree’s vascular system while the plant is in full leaf out until early fall.


Soil Injection


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