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With falling leaves comes the importance of fall tree maintenance. Fall is an excellent time for pruning many tree varieties. Upcoming winter storms makes fall an ideal season for pruning dead limbs and/or broken branches. Falling tree limbs may cause property damage and personal injuries. Avoid these scenarios by pruning your trees prior to winter.

There are some tree types that should not be pruned in fall, including Oaks, Elms and some flowering or fruiting trees. Consult with a certified Arborist for specific pruning recommendations. Their tree knowledge will insure your trees are well taken care of, during the proper season. In addition, it’s recommended that an insured, respected tree company is used for all your pruning needs. Many homeowners are injured every year when they attempt to prune trees. Avoid this risk by hiring a professional tree company with all the equipment and experience necessary to complete the job safely and accurately, for the health of the trees and your family.

Contact KTS for more information on caring for your trees this fall.

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