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As you may realize, much of our work is done way, way up in the trees. Some of these trees can present significant removal hazards, especially when very near buildings, homes or other obstacles. Over the years we’ve depended on cranes to more safely and efficiently accomplish our work. In 2014, it will become a requirement that all crane operators are certified. In keeping with our desire to be ahead of the curve, we’ve already addressed this requirement. At the beginning of 2013, KTS enlisted some of our core employees to take a class and become nationally certified crane operators. The national certification is more stringent than the typical certification. This involved 2 full days of classroom instruction, one day of practical application and 3 knowledge tests. We used our own cranes for this class to further enhance the familiarity for our employees. As a result, KTS currently have 4 employees who passed the tests and became nationally certified crane operators. This means when we’re using one of our cranes on your job, we have the expertise to do so safely.


Tim Ayers – CTSP #880
Safety & Human Performance


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