KTS truck mounted tree spade

While the CN railroad works to expand service to all of us, their Indiana project encountered wetlands they intend to preserve and protect. Many of the plants identified by environmental experts were determined to be quite rare. The certified arborists at Kramer Tree Specialists were invited to participate in this protection effort. A plan was developed by the KTS team to utilize a truck mounted tree spade to transplant large areas of wetlands undisturbed. Special protective matting was installed over the wetlands so our trucks could safely maneuver into place without causing damage. The spade truck excavates plugs 90 inches across and over 4 feet deep. Nearly 100% of the root system is moved with the plant in undisturbed soil. KTS typically uses the truck mounted spade to move large trees and we have an excellent success rate.

This approach increased the success of the entire project, since a majority of the plants root systems are not disturbed. KTS is honored to be a key part of this project as it is clearly in line with our own core environmental goals.

Tim Ayers – CTSP #880
Manager, Safety & Performance
Kramer Tree Specialists

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