Many of us have fond memories of certain trees that are special to us. Trees are living things that give us much more than typical tree functions, such as shade or ornamental interest. What we remember is relaxing under the shade of a big Oak tree, the Maple Tree planted in memory of a loved one, or the trees we climbed as kids. Memories are as varied as the individual creating the memory.

Unfortunately, trees are susceptible to disease, insects, storm damage and sometimes just general decline. While treatment is effective in many situations, there are times when the tree is beyond help. Once the homeowner recognizes that trees are living things and vulnerable to a variety of factors outside of our control, it is much easier to deal with the removal of a valued tree.

Before any removal or treatment occurs, it’s important that the tree is inspected by a ISA Certified Arborist, who will determine the cause of the tree’s decline and the most appropriate plan of action. If it’s determined that there are no remedial treatments as an option, the homeowner is then faced with the decision to remove a tree. Understanding the reason for the removal can help the homeowner deal with its elimination from the landscape.

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