While we are still experiencing cool day and night temperatures, Crabapple trees are slowly beginning to show leaf bud break, which is necessary to start Apple Scab Fungus spray applications. The Plant Health Care Department at Kramer Tree Specialists is carefully monitoring Crabapple trees in our area to determine the best time to start the Apple Scab treatments. For optimal effectiveness, a certain amount of leaf surface is required on the tree. This ensures the treated tree is able to use the fungicide wisely to ward off the Apple Scab Fungus.

The PHC Department anticipates Apple Scab spray applications will begin next week on trees located in southern areas of the region. As temperatures warm up, PHC Applicators will make their way north, taking care of trees throughout the Chicago area.

Rest assured, if you have an Apple Scab spray program already scheduled with us, we will start as soon as possible. But if you haven’t scheduled an Apple Scab application yet, it’s not too late to get on the schedule. Call the PHC Department at KTS today!

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