Euonymus Scale
Euonymus Scale

Yellowish green spots on the leaves, dropped foliage and stem dieback are all indicators of a possible Euonymus Scale infestation. Both shrub and vine Euonymus varieties are affected by Euonymus Scale. Due to the hard outer shell of the Euonymus Scale, it can be a difficult pest to control.

Before beginning any pest treatment program, it’s important to be aware of the insect’s life cycle. The Euonymus Scale lays eggs in spring on the host plant. The eggs typically hatch in June, depending on spring weather conditions. The newly emerged Euonymus Scale are called “crawlers” This is when the pest is most vulnerable to treatment, which is before the Euonymus Scale has developed their hard outer shell. It’s essential that any insecticide treatment is applied when the Euonymus Scale is in their “crawler” stage, for optimal pest control.  Kramer Tree Specialists offers a spray program that targets the Euonymus Scale during their vulnerable stage.

Suspect Euonymus Scale on your plants? Call the PHC Department today to set up an evaluation by one of our Certified Arborists or to authorize treatment from an existing proposal.


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