Scale insects are a large group of different species that vary in size, color and shape. Host plants include commonly used shade trees, evergreens, shrubs, groundcovers and others. Heavy infestations can seriously debilitate the host plant, possibly killing the plant if infestations continue year after year.

2016 has seen the return of many scale species that were prominent last year.

There are many other species of scale that wreak havoc on landscapes in our area. Euonymus and magnolia scale are a couple other scale species that cause problems for homeowners. Life cycles vary with scale species, making treatment timing critical. For example, magnolia scale typically doesn’t become noticeable to homeowners until late summer when sticky honeydew drips from the plant and sooty mold develops.  Unfortunately, the magnolia scale is protected from chemical treatments at this point and treatment may need to wait until the scale has reached a vulnerable life stage.

Kramer Tree Specialists offers a variety of treatment options to control many scale species commonly found in the area. A certified arborist will properly evaluate the tree to determine treatment recommendations. Call the Plant Health Care Department today!

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