Poor soil, drought, confined growing conditions, exposure to higher heat temperatures in the summer and road salt in the winter are all stressful factors that trees in urban settings must contend with. In some cases our intervention becomes necessary for the health and life of the tree.

There are solutions available to combat the stresses placed on trees in urban settings. There are species of trees that are more vulnerable to environmental stresses. Typically, River Birch, Maple and Oak trees are more adversely affected in urban settings. Cambistat™ is a plant growth regulator that promotes root growth versus leaf growth. The increase in root growth allows for better drought and heat resistance, along with a stronger ability to fight diseases and insects. Thicker leaf growth and greener leaf color are characteristics that you can expect to see after applying Cambistat™ The Plant Health Care Department is currently applying Cambistat™ and other treatments designed to help trees in urban settings. Call us today for more information.

Kramer Tree Specialists offers a variety of services designed to help trees combat the struggles they face in urban settings. Call us today to have a Certified Arborist evaluate your trees and offer recommendations best suited for the health of your trees.

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