8ecf7 pre trip inspection2
KTS employee performing pre-trip inspection

Driving is potentially one of the most dangerous tasks any of us do on a daily basis. Kramer Tree Specialists adds many vehicles to the roads each day. Before we enter traffic in the morning, we conduct a pre-trip inspection of all our vehicles. We want to be certain we are safely ready for transport. Our drivers are trained to conduct a front to back pre-trip inspection prior to leaving our facility. If they find anything wrong, we have our staff of full time mechanics ready to make repairs. Nothing is left to chance as we get on the road each morning. In accordance with Illinois Department of Transportation, we also conduct similar documented post-trip inspections. This gives us another opportunity to address vehicle issues prior to the next day’s work. Our night shift mechanics can make repairs after the crew has completed their day. Any vehicles not meeting our high standards are removed from service until fully repaired. We are proud of our superb fleet of vehicles. Our pre-trip and post-trip inspections help keep us in top driving shape. When you see a KTS truck on the road, be assured that vehicle has been thoroughly scrutinized.


Tim Ayers – CTSP #880
Safety & Human Performance

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