There may still be snow on the ground and a cold nip in the air, but Spring is certainly coming soon!  Us Chicagoans have endured a long hard winter and plant health care renewal proposals are a sure sign of Spring coming soon!  Who needs a gopher when you have Kramer Tree Specialists and plant health care renewals! 😊

On Tuesday of this week, we mailed out all our PHC renewal proposals to those clients that have worked with us in the past, as well as emailed proposals for those that prefer that form of notice.  So, check your mailbox or inbox and make sure to take advantage of our early season discounts!

If you aren’t receiving any renewal proposals this Spring or don’t know what we are talking about, that means a few different things.  Either your current plant health care treatments are not yet ready to be reapplied, you haven’t done any plant health care services with us, or you haven’t had any plant health care services done for a long time.  Maintaining the health and beauty of your trees is sometimes more than a singular event.  Be certain to continually inspect your trees throughout the year. An ISA Certified Arborist can help you assess them for any potential biotic or abiotic threats that threaten the health of the tree and when it is the appropriate time to conduct applications based on the pest and level of infestation or infection. Continually monitoring of your trees is essential to an effective plant health care program that will be best practices for our environment and for the longevity of your trees and their beauty.

So, get excited about the upcoming Spring and we look forward to empowering you to be the caretaker of your trees!


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