Trick or Treat! Celebrate the Holiday with a Halloween Tree.

Ghosts and goblins will visit soon. It’s not too late to create a spooky decoration to greet all who dare to enter. A Halloween tree is a creative way to celebrate Halloween and delight guests. Gather smaller, dead tree branches and paint them in whatever color, theme or method you choose. Spray paint, sponges and […]

“Spooky” Landscapes for Halloween

  Get creative this Halloween with landscape decorations that will scare away goblins and ghouls. It’s easy to use what already exists in the yard. Dress up small ornamental trees as ghosts by draping them with ghostly sheets. Boo! Trees also make excellent spots to hang ghosts, bats, crows, and other frightening decorations that are […]

“Vintage” Halloween

Picture a Halloween without Power Rangers, Disney Princesses or Super Heroes. Halloween has a long history, starting as a Celtic festival many centuries ago before making its way to America. Traditionally, the holiday was focused on ghosts and the dead. It was believed the seasonal change into winter created a bridge to the world of […]

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