Picture a Halloween without Power Rangers, Disney Princesses or Super Heroes. Halloween has a long history, starting as a Celtic festival many centuries ago before making its way to America. Traditionally, the holiday was focused on ghosts and the dead. It was believed the seasonal change into winter created a bridge to the world of the dead, allowing ghosts to enter the living world wreaking havoc and causing damage.  Costumes were worn to ward off ghosts and ghouls, not to get candy. It was serious business and not the children’s holiday it has become.

Halloween has evolved many times to grow into the holiday we know today. By the beginning of the 20th century, much of the superstition and ghoulishness was removed from Halloween celebrations. Trick-or -Treating has also evolved. Celebrations have become community orientated, allowing everyone to participate by providing small treats to prevent “tricks.”

What started as a time to mark the end of harvest and beginning of a long, cold winter has turned into the 2nd largest holiday in America with over 6 billion dollars spent annually. From neighborhood to school parties, it’s a fun day that everyone can enjoy.

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