Plant Health Care – Japanese Beetle

Japanese Beetle is an exotic pest that has been a part of our urban forest for many years. They were first discovered in New Jersey in 19161. They are established and prevalent throughout the United States and feed on numerous types of trees and plants. Lindens are highly preferred, but many other trees are impacted […]

PHC on the Lookout – Japanese Beetles have arrived!

Devoured and skeletonized leaves are indicative of a Japanese Beetle infestation. Swarms of the insect attack their host, eating as they go. Favorite hosts include Rose bushes, Linden trees, flowering Crabapple and Cherry trees, Viburnum bushes, Elm trees, Japanese Maple trees, plus many other trees and shrubs. In the Chicago area, the adult Japanese Beetles […]

PHC on the Lookout – Imidacloprid 101

Kramer Tree Specialists uses Imidacloprid, an active ingredient found under a variety of trade names, to treat many plant insects commonly found in the Chicago area. For example, Japanese Beetles , Emerald Ash Borer and other wood boring or leaf feeding insects. This insecticide works as a systemic, working its way through the tree and […]

Pest to Watch For – Japanese Beetle

Have you started noticing colorful, metallic green insects flying around your plants? Japanese beetles have just begun their normal Summer feeding of trees and shrubs. The sight of large numbers of feeding insects can be discomforting for homeowners. Their destruction can be rapid and completely skeletonize leaves. The Japanese beetles normally become present in large […]