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Kramer Tree Specialists uses Imidacloprid, an active ingredient found under a variety of trade names, to treat many plant insects commonly found in the Chicago area. For example, Japanese Beetles , Emerald Ash Borer and other wood boring or leaf feeding insects. This insecticide works as a systemic, working its way through the tree and killing the insect when it begins feeding on the tree. Imidacloprid can also be found in many DIY (Do It Yourself) stores. Because of this, homeowners may have questions about the differences between using a trained applicator versus doing it themselves. There are a number of distinctions between DIY and utilizing the services of a professional tree company, such as Kramer Tree Specialists.

Kramer Tree Specialists uses only trained and certified applicators for all Plant Health Care treatments, in addition to all the proper equipment necessary to complete the application in the most effective and safe manner. KTS applicators are aware of the techniques necessary for optimal product uptake. It’s also important for homeowners to realize the active ingredient strength of the Imidacloprid used by KTS is much higher than what can be purchased by the homeowner. This offers additional protection from the destruction caused by tree feeding insects. Also, Kramer Tree Specialists is aware of changes and updates in the tree care industry and applies this knowledge in all work done by the company. The homeowner can rest assured that KTS has the best interest of your trees in mind.

Contact the Plant Health Care Department at KTS for more information on Imidacloprid and other available treatment options.

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