Mulch – Best Management Practices

Kramer Tree Specialists Mulch Products - Red Dye Mulch

Mulch – Best Management Practices When done correctly, top dressing tree rings and planting beds with mulch is one of the highest benefiting practices homeowners can do for the health of their trees and woody ornamentals.  However, when mulch is applied incorrectly, it can adversely affect plants.  Mulch that is too deep, piled against the […]

Spring Tree Care Tips

Larch - Hydration

Spring is the perfect time to review your trees and get them prepared for the season of growth.  This quick list will provide you with guidance and tips to set your trees up for a successful growing season. Cleaning – “spring cleaning” is not just for the interior of your home.  This is a very […]

Fall Mulch Application – Benefits of Natural Wood and Leaf Mulch

Kramer Tree Specialists Mulch Products - Red Dye Mulch

Mulch is a cyclic treatment for our urban trees and landscapes. It breaks down naturally over time providing biological benefits and recycling back into our urban forest. Prior to breaking down it also provides aesthetic benefits for the beauty of our urban landscapes. Applying mulch is often associated with the spring season, but fall is […]

Why Should I Use Mulch? – Mulch Benefits to Your Trees and Landscape

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The trees in our urban environment are stressed due to a variety of reasons, one of which including mowed and meticulously manicured lawns resulting in a lack of natural organic matter cycling through the soil. This lack of organic matter depletes the structure and nutrient availability of the soil. To combat this and improve the […]

Arbor-Culture: Balancing Act, part 1:

Balance is something every organization needs in order to be successful, whether that organization is a private tree care company, professional sports team or manufacturing corporation. A strong offense is useless without a strong defense. Quality products are weak unless they have strong sales and marketing to support them. Staff of any organization will not […]

Tip of the Week – TLC for your Trees

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Chicago area trees are slowly starting to wake up from their winter dormancy. Spring rains seem to bring “instant green” overnight. The beautiful spring colors also a great indicator that it’s time for landscape rejuvenation and care. Trees in urban and suburban settings benefit from special attention to keep them healthy and happy. Do your […]

Tip of the Week – Leaf Recycling

Most people know the importance of paper and plastic recycling, but what about leaves? The advantages of leaf material in the landscape are numerous. Keep these benefits in mind when raking this fall: Leaves are an excellent source of organic matter that will promote microbial activity in the soil, which in turn helps plant growth. […]

Tip of the Week – What’s that Growing in my Mulch?

slimemold 3

The appearance of colored slime and smelly protrusions in your mulch may be reminiscent of a science fiction movie, but it’s a natural occurrence during wet weather periods. Heavy rain brings fungus growth in decaying wood and mulched areas. The fungus takes on a variety of appearances, including various colored slimy masses called Slime Mold […]

Tip of the Week – New Option Offered in the KTS Mulch Lineup!

The benefits of mulch are numerous. Maintain soil moisture and temperature, improve soil structure and reduce weed growth are just a few of the practical benefits. But don’t forget about the decorative benefits. Kramer Tree Specialists offers excellent options that satisfy both the practical and aesthetic advantages of mulch. Kramer Tree Specialists has included an […]

Tip of the Week – Looking for Mulch? We’ve Got It!

  Kramer Tree Specialists offers a wide variety of mulch choices, suitable for any situation. Mulch plays an important role in the health of your landscape. While there are many options and appearances, the most important aspects of mulch is that it provides protection from cold and helps retain moisture in the soil during dry […]