PHC on the Lookout – Is There a Fungus Among Us?

Cool, moist early spring weather is ideal for many types of fungi growth, which is exactly what the Chicago area experienced this year. Many commonly used shade trees in Illinois are affected by anthracnose diseases, when weather conditions are ripe for fungi development.  Maple, ash, oak, sycamore and walnut trees are especially impacted, but many […]

PHC on the Lookout – Have Galls?

Are you noticing green, red or black bumps on your maple tree leaves? Are there small lumps, spiny bulges or apple-like growths on your oak tree? How about green and purplish brown nipples on the leaf surface of your hackberry tree? Galls are commonly found in Illinois, affecting maple, oak and hackberry trees, plus many […]

PHC on the Lookout – Galls

Galls appear in different shapes, sizes and colors, depending on the insect causing them. For example, Hackberry trees are especially prone to Gall infestations caused by a psyllid insect (also called jumping plant lice) that forms a small, round bump to protect the young insect growing inside. The Galls appear on the leaf surface of […]

Tree of the Week – Crimson Spire Oak

A beautiful tall tree with a narrow columnar habit of growth and deep red fall color, ideal for formal screening or distinctive as an accent “stand alone” specimen. It is a far better choice than the disease prone/short lived Lombardy Poplar, being tough and adaptable plus faster growing than other oaks. Crimson Spire Oak melds […]