A beautiful tall tree with a narrow columnar habit of growth and deep red fall color, ideal for formal screening or distinctive as an accent “stand alone” specimen. It is a far better choice than the disease prone/short lived Lombardy Poplar, being tough and adaptable plus faster growing than other oaks.

Crimson Spire Oak melds the best characteristics of its’ White and English Oak heritage.   Proven adaptable to a wide range of climate and growing conditions, this columnar tightly fastigate tree grows to a height of about 45 feet and spread of 15 feet in 20 years. Rich dark green leaves stay fresh and bright through summer’s heat, turning rusty to bright red in mid to late fall.

This fast growing, cold hardy, drought tolerant and mildew/disease resistant tree readily adapts to varied soil and tough urban growing conditions. As its’ reputation and demand for it spreads, Crimson Spire Oak is becoming more widely available at northern Illinois nurseries. It is another excellent choice for planting and for addition to our “diversified urban tree species list”.

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Harold Hoover, KTS, Board Certified Master Arborist

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  1. We we’ve selected the crimson spire oak for the creation of a hedge along a 30′ north wall. Should require 10 plants. Are these tree in stock?

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