Tree of the Week – Macedonian/Peuce Pine

  The Macedonian or Peuce Pine is a member of the white/five-needled Pine group, sub species ‘Strobus’.  It is native to the mountains of Macedonia, Bulgaria, Albania, and also small parts of Serbia and Greece. Peuce Pine is a rather narrow, slower growing evergreen with soft densely bundled needles, appearing blue-green in overall effect.  The […]

Tip of the week – Weed & Feed and it’s effects on Conifers

Needled evergreens, and in particular Colorado Blue Spruce, can have sensitive new growth severely damaged and even killed from phenoxy-type herbicides (2-4D etc.) applied to lawns containing these conifers during the new growth period.  Do not apply these herbicides around conifers from budbreak (usually occurs in mid-May) to about July 4th.  By this date, new […]

Tree of the Week – Eastern White Pine

Eastern White Pine is a distinctly unique conifer belonging to the ‘soft pines’ sub group of the Pinus genus. Historically, it has a huge range of native stands in 31 states and several Canadian provinces. This includes isolated native stands in Illinois such as White Pines State Park in Oregon, Illinois. The native habitats of […]