When Lightning Strikes

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Lightning striking trees can be a concern not only to the safety of homeowners, but the continued health of an otherwise healthy tree. Understanding their impact can help in mitigating and lessening the damage. While Florida and Texas are generally the most lightning prone states, with the summer months being the majority of the timeframe, […]

Are Your Trees Prepared for the Winter?

Tree Care During the Winter Time

As temperatures become steadily colder and the sun sets just a bit earlier than we would prefer, wrapping up outside yard work becomes a priority.  Beyond the obvious chores of raking up fallen leaves, tidying the shed or garage of garden tools, a little attention and thought should also be given to the following;   […]

Urban Trees & Drought – How To Water Your Trees & When

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Watering your trees is essential for their health and survival. All trees will vary on volume and frequency of watering, but in the end they all need water. In the urban forest, different challenges are incurred regarding water access for trees compared to the natural forest setting. We’ll talk about what influences a tree’s need […]

Leaf and Twig Galls Oh My!

Woolly Oak Leaf Gall

There are thousands of leaf and twig galls that impact numerous types of trees and plants. There are more than 500 different galls that impact oak trees alone! In almost all cases, leaf, twig, or any type of gall on a tree or plant is of minimal concern. The variety of galls though is quite […]

Tip of the Week – Winter Activity in the Garden

Snow falling quietly over trees and shrubs, burying perennials and putting an end to last minute fall season chores. The white blanket gently lies over the garden, putting everything to sleep. The garden appears so quiet and calm. All life is dormant for the winter, or is it? There is plenty of winter garden activity, […]

Arbor Day – Did You Know?

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Arbor Day, a day to celebrate and nurture trees, is fast approaching on April 29th. But what is Arbor Day and what is its significance? Arbor Day celebrations began in the year 1872 in Nebraska as a day set aside to plant trees. Over one million trees were planted in Nebraska on the first Arbor […]

“Spooky” Landscapes for Halloween

  Get creative this Halloween with landscape decorations that will scare away goblins and ghouls. It’s easy to use what already exists in the yard. Dress up small ornamental trees as ghosts by draping them with ghostly sheets. Boo! Trees also make excellent spots to hang ghosts, bats, crows, and other frightening decorations that are […]

Tip of the Week – Before You Plant those Fall Bulbs…

As temperatures begin to cool and summer comes to an end, we enter the optimum time for planting spring blooming bulbs. Tulips, Daffodils, Hyacinths, Crocus, plus many others need to be planted now for spring color. But where you decide to plant the bulbs can be a very important decision. Not only do larger bulb […]

Tip of the Week – Tree Watering Techniques

“How much water does my tree need on a weekly basis?” “What is the best way to water my tree?”  These are questions that KTS receives throughout the growing season. Below are tips to ensure your trees are receiving adequate moisture. Typically, most trees prefer about an inch of water per week, taking into account […]

Tip of the Week – How to Plant near Power Lines

Utility Line Clearance Bucket

Trees play an important part in the landscape. When choosing where and what tree to plant there are many factors to consider. While it’s important to look down at the soil, it’s just as important to look up. Utility lines may appear high at the time of initial planting, but keep in mind a tree’s […]